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Maia Ervin

Chief People Officer

Maia Ervin, 25, is a Black college graduate hailing from Queens, New York. She currently serves as the Chief People Officer at JUV Consulting. At JUV, Maia mainly oversees social impact, human resources, and company culture. She uses her experience as a Queer Black womxn speaking out against systematic oppression and inequities to foster work policies and culture that minoritizes folks can thrive in and be proud of. Her dream is to continue to provide platforms for young Black womxn to express themselves authentically without judgment. Fostering comfortable spaces where Black folks can express and create comfortably will always be top of the mind for Maia.

March 30, 2022

Getting Inclusive AF with Maia Ervin

In this episode, Jackye and Katee have a conversation with Maia Ervin, Chief People Officer for JUV Consulting. Maia leads social…

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