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DEI Masterclass

Katee and Jackye go there. And we’re all better for it. These are the conversations we need to be having. Love it!

Love these two!

The dynamic between the hosts and the relevance of their topics is unmatched. If inclusion and equity is something you care about then LISTEN and SHARE. I also love the way Katee shows up as an ally through actions and not by self-proclaiming or boasting. Many white women who call themselves allies (even those in the DEI space) could learn from the relationship here. LOVE

So necessary and refreshing!

I learned about this podcast at the 2022 WorkHuman conference and it’s such a necessary and refreshing podcast. It can sometimes be easy to feel alone in doing both HR and DEI work and These conversations remind me that I’m not alone.

Love these two incredible voices!

A slice of life and laughter

Jackye and Katee do an amazing job talking about current relevant topics and helping to give us all a glimpse into the life of DEI specialist. As one myself I find myself learning and laughing a lot!

Open Talk About Hard Things

When I listen to InclusiveAF, I feel like I’m at the table with Jackye and Katee, and I just love that they always “go there”. Doing D,E, and I work is HARD, and these women are trailblazers helping us to figure out how to make our workplaces safe, effective, and inclusive of everyone. Thank you both for your work in sharing your knowledge so broadly in a way that both enlightens us and makes us laugh.

Real Talk

I love Jackye


If you’re looking to learn, laugh, and be in the moment where the topic and reality of inclusion is, this is the podcast for you!

Pure talent and heart!

This is the single most important podcast you can listen to for Diversity & Inclusion.

Real and Entertaining

Cute, funny, real and knowledgeable about the current social atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoying.

A Must-Listen!

Jackye and Katee are two incredibly smart, kind, and insightful people who do such an incredible job of teaching people without making the listener feel like they’re being talked down to. If you want to learn more about diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, and what it means to make the changes the world needs, look no further!

Necessary Listening Material

Found this to be extraordinarily insightful. Whether you realize it or not, these conversations are taking place around you in your work places and neighborhoods all the time and it is so critical to take part in them. If you don’t know how or want to learn what a conversation around inclusivity and its impacts sounds like, give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed and you and those around you will likely gain from it.


The only thing I could suggest to be a bit better would be audio quality cuz there was a bit of buzz at some parts, but besides that love this and love y’all. Keep it up :)

Wow, great info

Great and informative show!