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Laura Close Profile Photo

Laura Close

Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer

As a twenty-year veteran of the DEI space, Laura Close started at a time before the term DEI was coined and has spent a career both locking in new structural opportunities and access for historically excluded communities as well as coaching executive leaders within enterprise on designing and deploying KPIs for DEI at scale. Now, as co-founder of Included.AI Laura and her team have created the first technology of its kind to use AI to identify specific areas where businesses can take further action to remove any potential roadblock from accomplishing the goal of becoming as people-first as possible. She is on a mission to prove that DEI isn’t a tax, PR issue, or feel-good checkbox, but an opportunity to build more competitive businesses.

Feb. 16, 2022

Getting Inclusive AF with Laura Close

In this episode, Katee and Jackye speak to Laura Close. And she brought the heat! As a twenty-year veteran of the DEI space, Laur…

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