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Eli Rigatuso

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Facilitator, Advocate

Eli Rigatuso identifies as a queer, transmasculine Two Spirit of the Menominee Nation. He is an artist, photographer, video producer/director, and gifted public speaker and presenter and considers himself well-versed in diverse issues relating to gender identity and expression. Rigatuso is easily one of the most compassionate souls you will ever meet. With over 30 years of experience in his field, he’s worked throughout TV, radio, and digital media while moving the needle toward inclusive spaces.

A gifted public speaker and presenter, Eli created Speaking of Happy in 2009, has hosted various Live Stream events, and continues to provide an outlet for folks to share their personal stories. Rigatuso launched the Speaking of Happy Pride Tour in 2022 taking a 27' travel trailer & mobile podcast studio to various Midwest pride celebrations. He has also worked with many families in the Omaha area as they navigate the waters of gender related to being transgender, non-binary, two spirit, and gender-diverse. Speaking of Happy has provided training for numerous businesses and nonprofits.

“What made the training most impactful was the willingness of Eli and Avalisa to integrate their lived experience throughout the training. In so doing, they captured our heads and our hearts. They were super engaging and helpful; truly one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. I highly recommend this training and the work of Eli Rigatuso and Avalisa Ellicott. Be prepared to be transformed.” ~John Jeanetta, President & CEO of Heartland Family Services

"Eli brings an authentic voice and courageous spirit to his work and advocacy. He has an uncanny ability to speak to his audience in a way that makes you feel you have known him your entire life. That comfort level allows people to lean in and open their hearts and minds." ~Alexis Sherman, Director of Multicultural Initiatives, College of St. Mary's

Feb. 15, 2023

Getting Inclusive AF with Eli Rigatuso, Part 2

If you liked the first half of this episode, you will want to listen to part 2, where Katee and Jackye dig in even deeper with Eli. We could have talked for many more hours!! Hope you enjoy this half …

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Feb. 8, 2023

Getting Inclusive AF with Eli Rigatuso, Part I

In the first half of this conversation, Jackye and Katee chat with Eli Rigatuso. It was so good, we kept recording for a part II right away. You'll get that episode next week! So who is Eli? He identifies as …

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