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Aysha Khoury

Physician | Educator | Advocate

Dr. Aysha (I-sha) Khoury (koo-ree) is an Internist and educator deeply committed to workforce equity as a way to achieve the elimination of health disparities.
After being asked to discuss race and gender health disparities, she was targeted, suspended, and ultimately terminated without transparency or due process from Kaiser Permanente Bernard J Tyson School of Medicine. She has filed a law suit against the school for race and gender discrimination. As a physician recognized for her advocacy and community service, this experience further underscored the importance of addressing physician harm.

Sept. 15, 2021

Getting Inclusive AF with Dr. Aysha Khoury

In this episode, Katee and Jackye speak to Dr. Aysha Khoury, an esteemed professor who lost her job after being asked to talk about inequities in medical care for people of color. The story is tough to hear but we …

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