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Joseph Ifiegbu


Joseph is a co-founder and CEO at eqtble.

Prior to eqtble, he garnered extensive experience in the field of analytics. Most recently, as the head of HR Technology at Snap, he implemented best practices for systems architecture and built the foundation and strategy for HR analytics. While leading WeWork’s People Analytics team, he built out the team to support over 15,000 employees and help improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

During his time at Toys R Us and Arsenal FC as a Data Scientist, he built optimization models that saved both companies millions over several years. Additionally, Joseph was a Board Member and advisor for DataVLT, helping them raise over $1 million in their ICO.
As a leader in the analytics field, Joseph has also spoken at multiple analytics conferences around the country and is actively sought after for his expertise & insights.

Joseph is also an avid soccer fan, and he enjoys taking long walks and hikes in his spare time.

Oct. 15, 2021

Getting Inclusive AF with Joseph Ifiegbu

In this episode, Jackye and Katee chat with Joseph Ifiegbu about futbol, dream jobs and the tool he co-founded that can help HR t…

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